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Kye Bum Joo Releases "Game Over" Teaser feat. Rapper New Champ and Pledis Rookies Lim Na Young and Shim So Yi

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Singer and producer Kye Bum Joo (Kye Bum Zu), who appeared on “Show Me the Money” and was a finalist on “Superstar K4,” recently revealed the teaser video for his new song “Game Over.”

Starring in the video is rapper New Champ, and Pledis Entertainment rookies Lim Na Young and Shim So Yi

The music video shows a normal meeting of two guys and two girls, and then cuts to an argument between two of them, opening up a mystery of what the relationship is between the four. With short clip of Lim Na Young and Shim So Yi dancing, it seems we will also be able to look forward to seeing some of the rookies’ moves in the full music video.

Kye Bum Joo’s second digital single “Game Over” is set to release on February 4. Check out the teaser below!

Also check out some of Kye Bum Joo's previous work!

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