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Clara Teaches Her Dad How to Use a Smart Phone

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In the age of technology, it is quite common for the older generation to find that they do not understand how to use the advancing technological gadgets of our time. Thus, KBS2TV aired a pilot show called “Live by Learning” in order to guide elders in the use of certain gadgets. Amongst the three celebrities who taught their elderly family members how to use a specific technological gadget, television personality Clara assisted her father in using his smart phone.

Live By Learning

As the show highlights to help people who are 60 years and older, Clara’s father, Lee Seung Kyu, was the perfect candidate for this father-daughter moment, as the celebrity’s father had often forgotten how to properly use his phone. Clara taught her father such things as how to make video calls, edit photos, and search the internet, all without losing her smile. When her father accidentally mistyped certain words while posting on an internet board, Clara joked to her father, “Dad, these days people curse at you if you mistype certain words on online.”

The loving family bond is just one of three celebrity families who showed their caring relationship during the Lunar New Year. As three celebrities help their 60 years-and-older family members learn how to utilize technological gadgets, the variety show aims to strengthen family relationships.

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