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Soccer Player Ahn Jung Hwan Sheds Tears for His Son

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Soccer player Ahn Jung Hwan left with his son, Ahn Ri Hwan for MBC variety program “Dad, Where Are You Going? Season 2.” They went to Okcheon, Chungbuk for their first trip together. The second season children left their fathers to find ingredients for their dinner. While Ahn Jung Hwan saw his son leave, he shed some tears. The other fathers teased Ahn Jung Hwan for his tears. The viewers speculated that Ahn Jung Hwan was proud of his son for doing a task without his help.

Previous season cast member, singer Yoon Min Soo’s son Yoon Hoo became the oldest child who was responsible for the other young children. Yoon Hoo helped the other children on the show by bartering for the dinner ingredients. Yoon Hoo took care of the younger children by carrying the dinner ingredients for them. The viewers remarked “Wow, Yoon Hoo is a great leader.” Also, previous season cast member, actor Sung Dong Il’s daughter, Sung Bin amazed Lim Chang Hyung for her bravery and ability to handle the fierce village dogs. Lim Chang Hyung is actor Ryu Jin’s son.

The first episode of “Dad, Where Are You Going? Season 2” will be broadcast on February 2. The new season will have singer Yoon Min Soo and his son Yoon Hoo, actor Sung Dong Il and his daughter Sung Bin, news announcer Kim Sung Joo and his son Kim Min Yool, soccer player Ahn Jung Hwan and his son Ahn Ri Hwan, actor Ryu Jin and his son Lim Chang Hyung, and rapper Kim Jin Pyo and his daughter Kim Kyu Won

Ahn Jung Hwan

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