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Who Is the MVP of the 8th Idol Star Athletic Championships? Results from Day 2

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The results of Day 2 of the 8th annual Idol Star Athletic Championships are in, after some edge-of-your-seat fierce solo and team competition in the archery, track, curling, and futsal events. Check out what happened on Day 1 here! The day started off with men’s archery. The two favorites, B1A4’s CNU and MBLAQ’s Thunder, made it to the final round. CNU was last year’s gold medalist, and Thunder has been the silver medalist for three years in-a-row. In the gold medal match, CNU wasn’t quite on point, getting a low 6-point shot at one time, and lost to the ever consistent and focused Thunder, who scored a total of 46 points, edging out CNU’s 41 for the gold medal, and finally breaking his three-year silver medal streak. The bronze medal, decided by a single shot, went to A-Jax’s Hyeong Gon, who shot a perfect 10, beating B.A.P Dae Hyun's 7-point shot. Then it was off to the track, for the men’s and women’s 60m sprint. The finalists were B1A4’s Baro, BtoB’s Minhyuk, 100%’s Chang Bum, and 100%’s Sang Hoon. BtoB’s Minhyuk was the favorite, with a record of 6.49 seconds, and he did not disappoint, winning the gold medal with a clear lead and breaking his previous record with an impressive 6.40 second run. The women’s 60m finalists were Dal Shabet’s Ga Eun, A-Pink’s Yoon Bo Mi, Tahiti’s Jisoo, and Wassup’s Sujin. Ga Eun, with a clear lead, took another gold medal with a 7.68 second run, for an overall total of 4 short-distance gold medals. Next up was curling. Girl’s Day beat out Dal Shabet 2:0, and went head-to-head with LPG for the gold medal. However, LPG, with 3 points, took the gold medal at the end of the day. Following day 1, day 2 was the final matches of the futsal tournament. The first match was a head-to-head of Teams A and C, who went for the bronze with a shootout. Team C’s kickers were VIXX’s Ravi, A-Jax’s Hyo Joon, ZE:A’s Kim Dong Joon, Boys Republic’s Su Woong, and M.I.B’s 5Zic. Team A’s kickers consisted of SHINee’s Minho, Infinite’s Hoya, EXO’s Luhan, Tasty’s Soryong, and EXO’s Xiu Min. With a final score of 3:1, Team C took the bronze. Immediately following was an intense gold-medal match between Team B and Team D. Team B consisted of BEAST, B.A.P, BtoB, and C-Clown, and Team D was Teen Top, B1A4, 2AM, and Goo Ja Myung. At the end of the first half, Team D was up by one, after a goal by Goo Ja Myung just 10 seconds before, and Team D came back immediately in the second half, with Sam Carter, who scored another goal in just 14 seconds, putting the team up by 2 points. Then BEAST’s Yang Yoseob swooped in less then a minute later to score a goal for Team B, narrowing the gap to just 1 point. And it was Team B’s game from there. C-Clown’s Ray tied it up with about 5 minutes left in the game, and then Yang Yoseob, recovering a blocked ball, scored, putting Team B in the lead, for an intense 3-point comeback in less than 6 minutes. The game ended at a score of 3:2, the gold going to Team B. The day wrapped up back at the track with the men’s, women’s, and co-ed 400m relays. The women’s relay teams were 4 members of Secret, Rainbow, A-Pink (last year’s gold medalist), and After School/Hello Venus (Hello School). A-Pink and Hello School were in the lead for a majority of the race, but in the end, A-Pink took the gold again, for their second year in-a-row. The men’s 400m teams were VIXX, Infinite/Tasty, B1A4, and B.A.P. Infinite/Tasty were the favorites, having Infinite’s Woo Hyun and Hoya, who had gotten gold in the 4th idol games, silver in the 5th, and gold in last year’s games. When asked who their most concerning rivals were, Hoya confidently replied, “There aren’t any.” And true to his word, Infinite/Tasty easily took the gold, breaking away from the rest of the runners in the latter half of the relay. The last event of the day was the co-ed 400m relay. And to no one's surprise, the winning team was After School’s Ju Yeon, Infinite’s Woo Hyun, Dal Shabet’s Ga Eun, and Infinite’s Hoya. With the two star runners from Infinite and Dal Shabet's Ga Eun, who won several short-distance gold medals, this team was easily the favorite, and they delivered. Hoya was the anchor for the team, and with a huge lead in the race, he even went so far as to finish running the race backwards. During the ending ceremony, BtoB's Minhyuk was awarded the MVP award, having won 3 gold medals and 1 silver. When coming up to receive his award, he tripped and fell forward onto the pedestal, but cutely passed it off, saying that the medals around his neck were too heavy. Accepting the award, he wished BtoB a great year, as well as the rest of the idols and fans that came out to the games. And finally, the overall winning team of the games was Team B: BEAST, BtoB, B.A.P, No Ji Hoon, MBLAQ, A-Pink, 4Minute, Secret, C-Clown, Girl's Day, and AOA. [Edit] Updated for accuracy

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