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SHINee's Jonghyun Buys a New Phone After a Breakup

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As the MC of the new KBS 2TV variety program, “Music Show,” SHINee's Jonghyun revealed that he has the tendency to buy a new phone after a breakup. 

On January 31, KBS 2TV aired their pilot program, “Music Show” that featured a topic about breaking up with girlfriends. 

On that day, Yoon Se Yoon asked Jonghyun , “Do you erase all your photos after you breakup with your girlfriend?” to which Jonghyun replied, “For me, I just buy another cellphone.” 

Yoon Se Yoon joked, “Then do you have all of them leftover?” indicating that Jonghyun might have his own stash of cellphones he has used. 

Jonghyun seemed a bit caught-off guard by the suggestion, but then explained that he wanted to preserve the phone as a means of treasuring the memories he shared with his ex-girlfriend.

When asked if Jonghyun would be okay with his future girlfriend learning this fact, he said, “No, that can’t happen. I feel like it’s only polite not to tell the next person about that fact.” 


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