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Joo Sang Wook: "My Abs Aren’t Real"

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On the January 29 episode of SBS’ “Midnight TV Entertainment,” actor Joo Sang Wook commented on his recent photoshoot for an underwear brand.

The main cast from movie “Three Chosun Ladies” took turns asking each other questions and the topic redirected towards Joo Sang Wook’s abs.

When the actor was asked about his recent underwear ad, he commented, “I didn’t ask for it to be like that, but they did excessive photoshop,” showing his embarrassment towards his fake abs.

midnight tv entertainment

Moreover, when asked what his charismatic point was, the actor chose his humor and said, “I have to be this funny since I look like this.” Although the actor said the comment with such confidence, the other female actresses showed no response. With the lack of response, Joo Sang Wook stated, “Do I end on an embarrassing note like this?” causing everyone to laugh.

All jokes aside, even though his abs may be overdone, there is no denying that Joo Sang Wook is one good looking actor.

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