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Watch Kim Soo Hyun’s and Angelababy’s New CF!

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Wow, watching Kim Soo Hyun is enough to have your mind spin, but to watch Kim Soo Hyun act with famous Hong Kong actress, Angelababy, is mind boggling. Although an unlikely pair, the two actors were selected to model for Samsonite Red. Although the focus is supposed to be on the brand name bags, you can’t help notice the chemistry between Kim Soo Hyun and Angelababy.


The first CF shows Kim Soo Hyun riding off with Angelababy’s bag, despite the Hong Kong actress’ attempts to hitchhike. Personally, if someone as good looking as Kim Soo Hyun drove up with his car, I too wouldn’t be able to stop and stare. However, the second CF conveys a sadder tone, in which Angelababy seems heartbroken after being left by evil Kim Soo Hyun. Ironically, it seems that although she is able to throw away her expensive jewelries, the actress can’t let go of her red Samsonite bag.

Yes, I know that the focus is supposed to be on the bags, but I can’t help but think that all we are looking at are these two very handsome and beautiful actor and actress. Putting language barriers aside the raw emotions are enough to sell the idea that these two make a very lovely couple.

Check out the two version of the Samsonite CF below! 

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