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[Recap] Confrontation and Rejection Stir Emotions in "Man from the Stars"

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With only one episode this week due to the Lunar New Year, "Man from the Stars" Episode 13 leaves viewers yearning for even more. I can feel some huge plot developments in the works, but this hour largely focuses on the aftermath of Min Joon's revelation of his true nature. Song Yi tries her best to engage Min Joon's feelings despite his alien identity, but Min Joon remains focused on pushing her out of reach. Song Yi is the true star of this episode, and her unique reaction to Min Joon's confession is endearing to watch. So what if he's an alien? According to her, love is what really matters. Too bad Min Joon can't seem to stop lying to her about his true feelings. 

Song Yi Reacts to Min Joon's Confession

Song Yi React

At the end of Episode 12, Min Joon aggressively reveals his alien identity to Song Yi. He puts all his cards out on the table, including his 400 year old history and Song Yi's resemblance to her past counterpart. His goal is clear- he wants to scare Song Yi into leaving him and his alien ways far, far behind. Song Yi may be alarmed by his abrupt confession, but this has more to do with his harsh delivery than the content behind his words.


In typical Song Yi fashion, she defies Min Joon's expectations. Her gut reaction is to reach for Min Joon's hand, questioning the true meaning behind his previous life saving actions. Rather than Song Yi leave Min Joon, Min Joon is the one to walk away from this encounter, continuing his lie that he only saved her because of his love for her look-a-like. 


Understandably, Song Yi has trouble accepting the truth in what Min Joon says. As she begins to digest this onslaught of information, she turns to the sky, cursing out Min Joon with any alien and monster related name she can think of. Her line "If you're an alien, then I'm a vampire!" largely sums up her thoughts of disbelief. 

Song Yi Tests Min Joon's Alien Nature

Song Yi and Min Joon School

In no way is Song Yi going to blindly accept Min Joon's statements without proof of his alien nature. She goes through a series of questions and tests to try and access his abilities. All she knows for sure is that the glass broke during his confession and that she has witnessed some strange occurrences since meeting him. The rest, she will just have to fill in with probing questions and quick actions. 


What's the logical first step? Faking a call of distress, of course! Song Yi takes a climb up a mountain and repeatedly yells at the top of her lungs for Min Joon's urgent help. She's convinced that if he is a true alien, he'll instantly come to her "rescue". Needless to say, she's rather disappointed when she doesn't see Min Joon at her side. 

Song Yi Grin

Next up comes an onslaught of questions for Min Joon. Song Yi approaches the entire situation with her usual snarky flare. She challenges him for answers, even threatening his exposure if he doesn't comply with her wishes. Can you fly? Do you need a suit? Why don't you just teleport away from me? Can you part the sea? How do you recharge? Her questions just get more and more ridiculous. 

Min Joon Cheek

My favorite question has to be when she asks if he sheds skin like a reptile. Just look at that accompanying cheek grab! Without a doubt, Min Joon's annoyance only grows stronger with each inquiry she makes. In her mind, if he doesn't directly show her these powers there is no way he could actually be an alien. 

To Song Yi, What Truly Matters Is Love

Song Yi Beach

Yes, the alien thing is certainly on Song Yi's mind, but ultimately her true concern revolves around finding out Min Joon's true feelings. She outright asks Min Joon if he has truly felt nothing for her, not even for a moment. She just can't believe that their past interactions amounted to not a single heart-tugging emotion for Min Joon. Song Yi may be a bit naive, but she isn't stupid. She knows this isn't a one-sided love story. 

Min Joon Beach

Eventually, Min Joon's continued lies finally hit home for Song Yi. His claim remains that he only ever helped her due to her resemblance to his past love. Song Yi may love him as her next-door neighbor Manager Do, but she says she could never love someone who doesn't truly appreciate her for who she is. She admits defeat and walks away from Min Joon, promising she won't ever like him again. Min Joon makes no effort to alter her actions. 

Min Joon Keeps Song Yi At a Distance 


Min Joon spends the entire episode keeping up a cold and distant attitude toward Song Yi. As the episode begins, he admits his goal of causing Song Yi to leave him out of fear. In the past, any time he revealed his abilities, this was a sure way to alienate those around him. Besides the exception of Lawyer Jang, Min Joon's 400 years of experience have taught him that he must hide his identity if he doesn't want to lose anyone around him.


From this perspective, confessing to Song Yi should be the perfect plan. At the same time, it's upsetting to see how much Min Joon doubts his own self-worth and how poorly he underestimates Song Yi's diehard dedication. Despite his best efforts, Min Joon is still affected by Song Yi's spunky ways. He can't help but respond to some of her probing questions and her actions still cause him numerous smirks. How much longer can he suppress his feelings?

Jae Kyung Really Is Crazy

Yoo Ra

Just when I thought he couldn't get any more psychotic, we find Jae Kyung holding a conversation with an imaginary Yoo Ra. While this may help better explain his murderous ways, it certainly doesn't reassure me about what crazy plan he will have next up his sleeve.

Jae Kyung Crazy

He knows that Song Yi alerted the detectives about his relationship with Yoo Ra and his entire focus has shifted to exploiting Min Joon's love for Song Yi. Once he ties up Min Joon, Jae Kyung can focus on eliminating Song Yi once and for all.

Endearing Interactions Between Lawyer Jang and Min Joon 

Lawyer and Min Joon

As Min Joon's departure draws closer, Lawyer Jang can be seen supporting Min Joon every step of the way. Min Joon knows he can rely on his friend and Lawyer Jang is genuinely concerned about Min Joon's wellbeing. Their 40 years together have forged an incredibly deep relationship and I worry about how Lawyer Jang will handle the end of this friendship. Song Yi isn't the only one Min Joon would be leaving behind!

Min Joon's Flawed Plan to Handle Jae Kyung


Jae Kyung has given Min Joon a window of three days to turn himself in for Yoo Ra's death. He apparently promised that if Min Joon follows through with the deal, Song Yi will be safe. When Min Joon enters the Police Station, he tells Lawyer Jang that it's either this or kill Jae Kyung . Honestly though, would it really be so bad if he killed that psychopath?

Hee Kyung Continues Searching for Clues

Hee Kyung Car

Thanks to some more snooping, Hee Kyung now has the address for the mental institution of Jae Kyung's ex-wife. While there's no direct interaction between Hee Kyung and his brother in this episode, Hee Kyung is still swimming into deeper trouble with each piece of information he gathers. 

Song Yi Offered Supporting Role in Se Mi's Movie

Se Mi

As an act of revenge, Se Mi ensures that Song Yi is cast as the supporting actress in her movie. Se Mi may be delighted that their roles are finally switched, but Song Yi is determined to prove her worth, even if she's not the leading star.


To her credit, Song Yi outwardly takes the whole situation in remarkable stride. Her pride won't let her show her true disappointment to all those watching around her. 

Cliffhanger Ending

Wire Heights

Jae Kyung wastes no time in setting up his next attempt at taking Song Yi's life. As soon as he knows Min Joon is occupied, he sends his henchman secretary to manipulate the stunt wires to ensure they will snap when Song Yi jumps. The ending sequence shows Min Joon at the Police Station about to start making his statement, while at the same time, Song Yi begins her stunt. How will Min Joon manage to come to her rescue this time?!

Episode 13's Epilogue 


The epilogue for this episode gives me some hope for a good conclusion to Song Yi's impending death. It turns out that when Song Yi screamed for Min Joon to "rescue" her from the mountain, Min Joon did indeed hear her distress call and instantly teleported to help. Is it too much to ask that he'll be able to step in again? I can't wait to see just how all of these pieces will play out! 

Comedic Highlights from Episode 13 Include: 

Song Yi's Five Stages of Grief


1. Anger

How can I get back at that jerk?! 


2. Denial

Where's the Hidden Camera?


3. Bargaining

So what if he's an alien? He's a nutcase!


4. Depression

I'm not crying, just shedding tears. 


5. Acceptance

Not that it's possible, but I'll make myself even more beautiful.

Min Joon's Self-Destructive Reaction

Not Hungry

We find that Song Yi isn't the only one experiencing grief - turns out Min Joon has no appetite! According to his lecture, men tend to have self-destructive reactions to grieving. He's also becoming all too aware that his lectures about human psychology are no longer only theories.

Hee Kyung Tries to Buy Min Joon's Apartment 

Hee Kyung Buy

Needless to say, Min Joon instantly vetoes this plan. 

Song Yi's Secret Handshake


Just goes to show how close these two really are. 

Song Yi Covering Up Min Joon's Old Photo 


They may be broken up for the moment, but Song Yi can't help but be concerned about seeing Min Joon's old photograph on display. Her method of distracting onlookers is a classic Song Yi move!

Song Yi's Pacing and "Anonymous" Note

Note and Pacing

They just can't quite stay away from each other. I always love the scenes of Song Yi outside Min Joon's door!

Song Yi's Action Demonstation


She's the best. Be it action, comedy, or melodrama, I'm throughly convinced both Song Yi and Jun Ji Hyun can do it all!

In Conclusion

Beach Walk

It's been tough watching these two continue to deny their feelings for each other. With Min Joon's limited time, I would think this should be enough reason for him to run full speed into Song Yi's arms, but he keeps pulling away. Song Yi has been making an admirable effort to break down his mile high walls, but his hurtful words are finally gaining ground.

Song Yi Sad

Both Min Joon and Song Yi need a wake up call and they need it soon! I have a feeling that whatever the consequences are from Song Yi's stunt will help stir up the current situation. Too bad we have to wait until next week to find out what comes next. I can already feel my own 5 stages of grief beginning due to withdrawal!

Min Joon Interview

I sincerely hope Min Joon has something more up his sleeve than just taking the blame for Jae Kyung's crimes. Wouldn't locking Jae Kyung up for his countless murders be a much better plan to keep him off the streets and away from killing Song Yi? Come on Min Joon, I know you are smarter than this!

What did you think of this episode? How will Song Yi's high-flying stunt turn out? Will Min Joon continue to lie to Song Yi about his feelings of love?

Feel free to share your thoughts below!

Happy Lunar New Year, 



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