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Sidus HQ and CCM Comment on Jonghyun and Lee Yoo Bi Dating Rumor

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Sports Seoul reported on January 29 that SHINee's Jonghyun and actress Lee Yoo Bi started dating at the end of 2013. It added that the couple met through Davichi’s Kang Min Kyung.

Both Jonghyun and Lee Yoo Bi’s sides have denied the rumor, stating that the dating rumor is false and that the two are merely two members of a gathering group dedicated to celebrities born in 1990.

SM Entertainment stated, “We have confirmed with Jonghyun that the dating rumor is false and groundless. Lee Yoo Bi is merely a member of their group of friends.”

Lee Yoo Bi’s agency, Sidus HQ, revealed, “The rumor of Lee Yoo Bi and Jonghyun dating has come up in the past. We checked and the rumor is not true. The two of them are close, but they are not dating.”

Kang Min Kyung’s agency Core Contents Media revealed its official stance as well. “A news agency reported that Jonghyun and Lee Yoo Bi are currently dating and added that Kang Min Kyung was the one that introduced the two. The rumor is completely groundless. Kang Min Kyung met Lee Yoo Bi through MBN drama ‘Vampire Idol.’ Lee Yoo Bi has a lot of interest in music, so Kang Min Kyung helped out musically, while actress Lee Yoo Bi helped Kang Min Kyung out with acting. They watch musicals together and are comfortable, close friends. We don’t know why something that is untrue would appear like this in a report. Kang Min Kyung was extremely perplexed.”

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