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Does B1A4’s Baro Look Like His Dad?

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On the January 27 episode of KBS2TV’s “Hello Counselor,” B1A4’s Baro discussed the misunderstanding that people have about his father.

On this night’s episode, a middle school student came on the show to talk about her distress towards the discomforts she feels because of people’s misunderstandings about her young looking father. As the middle school girl revealed how her young looking 40 years old father gets mistaken as her boyfriend, the celebrity guests shared their own experiences about their own fathers.

hello counselor

B1A4’s rapper, Baro, shared about how many mistaken his father as the rapper’s older brother because of his father’s youthful looks, and also because the rapper looks just like his father. On this night’s broadcast, a photo was revealed showing Baro’s father holding the rapper when he was an infant. Surprisingly, the two look quite alike, sharing the same facial features. Upon further inspection of the photo, it’s reasonable as to how Baro’s father gets mistaken as the rapper’s older brother.

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