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"Seol Hee" Author to File Lawsuit Against "Man from the Stars" for Plagiarism

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After cartoonist Kang Kyung Ok announced her intentions to file a lawsuit for plagiarism against "Man from the Stars," the drama production team revealed their stance.

The production company HB Entertainment stated, "We do not acknowledge the plagiarism accusations against 'Man from the Stars.'"

They continued, "If Kang Kyung Ok decides to file a lawsuit then we will have no choice but to take legal action as well."

On January 28, Kang Kyung Ok made a post on her blog with the title, "Final Statement," which contained a lengthy statement of how she decided to take legal action for plagiarism.

Kang Kyung Ok touched on the subjects of copyright infringement and other details while saying, "Seeing these kinds of disputes makes me think that this industry needs to have a time of self-examination."

Kang Kyung Ok first spoke up about this matter last December, saying, "To put it simply, the Kwang Hae journal is something anyone can write about, but the derivation on the story, of ‘a 400-year-old person who doesn’t age and lives in the present’ and ‘a story of lovers’ is the story I wrote in ‘Seol Hee.’"

To this, the drama production team commented, "We didn’t know of the comic ‘Seol Hee,’ and it most definitely wasn’t a work that we consulted. If we had mentioned it at all in the production process, one could say there was motive, but that was not the case."

Meanwhile, "Man from the Stars" is enjoying high popularity as it continues to dominate the ratings for its time slot.

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