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Actress Kim Soo Hyun Possibly Cast for Hollywood's "Avengers 2"

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Several news agencies reported that actress Kim Soo Hyun (not to be confused with the "Dream High," "Moon that Embraces the Sun," "Man from the Stars" actor Kim Soo Hyun) has been cast for the Hollywood blockbuster film, "The Avengers: Age of Ultron" (henceforth "Avengers 2").

According to TV Report, Kim Soo Hyun will be joining the "Avengers 2" cast. A particular source commented, "It is true that Kim Soo Hyun has been cast for 'Avengers 2' but it'll be difficult to reveal anything further before there is an official announcement."

This source continued, "On the contrary to the wide belief that this role is a villainous one, Kim Soo Hyun will be playing a doctor who assists Tony Starks (Robery Downey Jr.). The only villain in 'Avengers 2' is James Spader."

According to reports, Kim Soo Hyun's character is a female doctor who helps out James Spader's character at first, but in the end, sides with Robert Downey Jr to help fight evil.

Kim Soo Hyun reportedly has many scenes in the film since she actively assists Robert Downey Jr's character throughout the story. She is the only new character that appears in this sequel.

It is said that many top actresses auditioned for this role. The casting director visited Korea and held the first round of auditions. Last December, director Joss Whedon also visited to Korea to hold the final auditions.

At the time of the auditions, a certain source revealed, "Kim Soo Hyun's audition went very well. The 'Avengers 2' team wanted someone who was fluent in English and Kim Soo Hyun was the best fit for that. Also, since she was a supermodel, her body and appearance was a big help."

However, other sources are saying that while Kim Soo Hyun did audition for the role, she has not gotten an answer yet. Sources from Kim Soo Hyun's agency commented, "It is true that Kim Soo Hyun auditioned for the role but we have not yet received an answer."

It is also reported that "Avengers 2" will be holding 15-20 filming sessions in Seoul from the end of February to the middle of March. Many of Seoul's landmarks will be filmed at this time.

For those who don't know, Kim Soo Hyun debuted as a model in 2005, winning the first place prize at the Korea/China Super Model Contest. At one point, she promoted under the name Yoo Ri El but now goes by Soo Hyun. She lived in New Jersey for six years, making her a fluent English speaker. She is also a Ewha University graduate, majoring in International Studies. She appeared in the dramas, "The Fugitive Plan B" and "Seventh Level Civil Servant."

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