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Amy Explains She Got Plastic Surgery Done Five Times Because of Skin Necrosis

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Entertainer Amy revealed that she has dermal necrosis (death of skin tissue) as a result of plastic surgery.

Amy revealed her desire to set the record straight on the “Troubleshooter Prosecutor” case on MBC “Good Day” on January 28.

She said, “I began suffering from skin necrosis as a side effect of plastic surgery. I received five surgeries in two months. However, these facts were never brought up, only details about money and valuables, so I got angry. The people around me told me not to bring it up, but if I don’t talk about it, who will do it for me?”

The “Troubleshooter Prosecutor” case refers to a prosecutor, Mr. Jeon, who was detained on January 16 on charges of using his authority to threaten a cosmetic surgeon, Mr. Choi, who had performed plastic surgery on Amy. He had allegedly pressured the surgeon for a refund for a previous procedure undergone by Amy after she told him she was suffering from side effects associated with the surgery. He also asked the surgeon to re-operate on Amy.

Amy is said to have received 100 million won (>USD$90,000) from the prosecutor, who had previously indicted her for use of propofol without a prescription, a charge for which she was convicted but released on probation. It is unclear what relationship the two have.

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