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Yoon Jong Shin's Monthly Project in January, “The Detail," Features Puer Kim and Muzie

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New Mystic89 singer-songwriter Puer Kim and Muzie participated on the January edition of Yoon Jong Shin’s “Monthly Project,” “The Detail.”

Yoon Jong Shin’s label, Mystic89, revealed that “The Detail” would be released on January 28.

The track is a casual, sexy track composed by Yoon Jong Shin and Postino, with lyrics written by Yoon Jong Shin. It features the unique vocals of Puer Kim, who recently released her digital “Manyo Maash,” with rapping by UV’s Muzie, who signed on to Mystic89 last year.

Yoon Jong Shin will continue his “Monthly Project” into 2014, with his monthly releases forming a record of his life’s compositions. His monthly releases culminated in the release of Monthly Project 2013 Yoon Jong Shin,” a collection of all the tracks he put out in 2013.

Mystic89 revealed, “Through January’s ‘The Detail,’ we formally reveal ‘TEAM89,’ a brand associated with music work. They will work on Yoon Jong Shin’s 2014 ‘Monthly Project’ together.”

TEAM89 is a type of music laboratory and brand that Yoon Jong Shin created at the inception of Mystic89, and will play a key role in the music that Mystic89 releases in future. Mystic89 plans to continue doing experimenting and working freely on music through TEAM89.

Postino will be a member of TEAM89. He has worked together with Yoon Jong Shin since the early 2000s, and recently joined Yoon Jong Shin’s team after returning from studies in the UK.

Check out the song below (official audio released by Mystic89 via Monthly Melody YouTube channel/Twitter):

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