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Speculation Over Choi Ji Woo's Recent Meeting with YG Entertainment

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YG Entertainment has recently garnered attention for signing with top actors and actresses. Recently, it has been reported that YG has been meeting with Choi Ji Woo and other top actresses.

According to TV Report, broadcast insiders revealed that Choi Ji Woo's reps and YG reps came together for a meeting. During this meeting, they reportedly discussed YG's management for Choi Ji Woo's in-country and overseas activities.

There are rumors that YG is currently in talks with several other top actors at the moment.

However, both YG and Choi Ji Woo's reps commented that the meeting was not for a contract offer. Choi Ji Woo's reps stated, "That was not what the meeting was for. It is also not true that those details were discussed."

YG reps also commented, "Nothing has been decided in terms of Choi Ji Woo or other actors coming into our agency. However, it is true that many actors are showing interest in YG after Cha Seung Won joined our agency."

On January 20, YG Entertainment announced that Cha Seung Won, Lim Ye Jin and Jang Hyun Sung had signed with the label. It was a surprising announcement since YG is more known for its artists.

Meanwhile, other actors in YG include Yoo In Na, Goo Hye Sun and Jung Hye Young.

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