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Jeon Do Yeon Receives 'Best Actress Award' for the First Time in 7 Years for "The Way Home"

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Actress Jeon Do Yeon recently received the best actress award at this year’s Kofra Film Awards hosted by the Korea Film Reporters Association.  

At the awards ceremony held at the Seoul Press Center on January 22, Jeon Do Yeon received overwhelming support from film reporters and was awarded the best actress award for her performance in “The Way Home” for the first time in 7 years since her 2007 film, “Secret Sunshine.” The actress wasn’t able to attend the ceremony due to filming for her upcoming movie, but was able to accept her award and give thanks through video.

“The Way Home” premiered at the end of 2013, and was remembered not for its story or message, but for Jeon Do Yeon’s acting. The movie is about an ordinary housewife who gets arrested as a drug dealer in a France airport far from home, is imprisoned in a facility on the island of Martinique, and must find her way back home.

Jeon Do Yeon was highly praised for her very realistic portrayal of an ordinary housewife who misses her family and becomes more and more emotionally exhausted as she is stuck in a foreign place. While it was her first comeback in 2 years since “Countdown” in 2011, her acting was as sharp as ever, and she knew exactly when to spill her emotions, and when to hold back.

“The Way Home” brought 1,840,000 viewers to the theaters. Considering it was CJ Entertainment’s most anticipated film of the year's end, especially with Jeon Do Yeon’s name on the movie, these numbers were less than desired or expected. However, the film will most definitely be remembered as a masterpiece that announced the return of the queen.

Jeon Do Yeon is currently filming the upcoming period drama “Memories of the Sword” with actor Lee Byung Hun

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