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Yeo Jin Goo Is Curious About Love and College

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Although he shows off his charisma through his dramas and movies, actor Yeo Jin Goo is only 16 years old! That being said, the young actor continues to take female fans off their feet with his ability to deliver in his acting.

However, despite being a mature, handsome, and talented actor, Yeo Jin Goo’s young age is evident with his curiosities in life. In a recent photo shoot for GRAZIA magazine, the actor not only expressed his charming poses, but also his questions about love and his future education. In regards to his romance with actress Ha Yeon Soo in the tvN sitcom, “Potato Star,” Yeo Jin Goo said, “I haven’t had my first love yet. It’s hard for me to imagine the love that flows between the two characters. I ask the director and the senior actors, ‘What is love? Does it really make your heart flutter as it’s written in the script?’ Usually they say that it’s difficult and that they can’t express it in words. That’s why I’ve become even more curious as to what kind of feeling is an emotion that can’t be expressed by words.”

yeo jin goo

Moreover, the actor revealed his concerns in regards to his future college major. As the actor prepares to enter college in the coming years, Yeo Jin Goo expressed, “It’s not that I don’t want to go into the department of acting. Because I learn a lot about acting on the set of filming, I’m not sure if I need to go to college and major in acting. However, I don’t want to get in to a major that’s far away from acting, so I want to go in to Psychology so that it can help me understand my acting characters better.”

Yeo Jin Goo’s charming photoshoot and interview is featured in GRAZIA’s 23rd edition that was released on January 20. Whatever the actor may decide, the confidence that he shows guarantees that he will go far in his career.

Good luck Yeo Jin Goo!

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