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AOA Releases Acoustic Performance Of "Miniskirt," Dance Practices and Behind the Scenes

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Having made their comeback last week, AOA has released a flurry of special videos on their YouTube channel.

In the most recently released video, members Jimin, Yuna and Choa showed off an acoustic version of "Miniskirt."

The music video making and jacket shooting shows off their transformation into a sexier concept.

To the delight of many fans, AOA has once again released an "eye contact" dance practice video. They released one for their previous track "Confused" in October,  and received a lot of love for giving a fans a more intimate view of them on stage.

While they just made their comeback this past weekend, AOA will change their live choreography for "Miniskirt" starting this week to a more ‘innocent sexy’ version. Sadly, they will still be performing as six members since Seolhyun is recovering from an injury.


MV Making

Jacket Making

"Miniskirt" Dance Practice (Eye Contact Version)

"Miniskirt Dance Practice

You can watch their full music video here.

We had a special interview with the group last month, in which they talked about the biggest changes, new 2014 goals and more.

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