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Who Is This "Actress A" That Everybody Hates?

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Apparently, in the Korean celebrity world there is one particular actress who is being reported to have been causing more drama than an actual drama. Who it is, we don’t know yet, but there is currently an uproar among the netizens to find out who exactly it is that is rumored to be the outcast due to her non-ethical attitudes.

This actress, who is labelled as "Actress A" by news source Newsen is constantly late to work, sometimes for three hours, making all the other actors who were punctual and ready to shoot wait. Despite her outer image as being a good girl with her pretty facial features, she has refused to several kissing and bed scenes which she was already aware of even before the shooting, making the directors, producers and the writers go crazy. It’s important to note here that the male actor who she was supposed to have these romantic scenes with is a very well-known handsome actor that anybody on the streets can recognize.

While the production team tried to cajole the actress into going through with the kissing scene at the very least, Actress A expressed, “I want to use a body double. Since there is no face double, I won’t do the kissing scene. ” And so, as well as the bed scene being deleted, the kissing scene also had to be revised.

Being unprofessional and very much selfish without thinking of others, actors and actresses older than Actress A has completely shunned her out, resulting in her being an outcast with no friends.

A staff member who was at the scene of the shooting said, “I think she always wants to be treated like a princess. If the shooting is being delayed at the slightest or she isn’t being treated as royally as she is used to, there were times when she just left and went home. Actors who are known to have a great friendly personality also gave up on her, leaving her with no friends.”


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