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Hwang Shin Hye's Daughter Lee Jin Lee Seen in Royal Pirates Music Video

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The news of actress Hwang Shin Hye’s daughter, Lee Jin Lee cast in Royal Pirates’ new music video, “Drawing the Line,” is the latest subject of conversation among the general public in South Korea.

On January 15, Royal Pirates released their mini-album title song "Drawing the Line." Media sources announced that Lee Jin Lee was cast as the main female actress in their music video. Through the music video, the public were awed by her charms.

Lee Jin Lee made her face known to the public through various fashion advertisements and fashion shows. The public found it hard to believe that Lee Jin Lee is only 17 years old after viewing the music video. They were surprised that Lee Jin Lee had grown up to be a lovely and mature young lady. In the music video, Lee Jin Lee showed her experiences as a professional model through her skill of making various poses.

Several sources stated that Hwang Shin Hye had accompanied Lee Jin Lee to the music video set. Hwang Shin Hye gave her daughter encouragement and acting advice. The music video for “Drawing the Line” takes real scenarios which can happen in a broadcast station and produced them as a “one scene one take” concept.

Not only was Lee Jin Lee featured in the music video, but Brad Moore of Busker Busker showed his support by appearing in the music video. Rising rookie star actress Ha Gyu Won is in the same agency as Royal Pirates and she too can be seen in the music video. In 2013, Ha Gyu Won received attention for her roles in KBS drama “Good Doctor” and SBS drama “The King of Dramas.” She is one of the most anticipated actress of 2014.


 Lee Jin Ie 2

You can watch the music video here. 

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