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Under the Radar - Co-ed Quartet "Remember Us"

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리멤버러스 (Remember Us)
Management: Unknown
Debut: December 2013
Genre: R&B/Urban

Official Facebook Page

Remember Us is a co-ed quartet consisting of Joo Young, So Young, Hanna, and Kang Min. The four unite together to create a charismatic R&B group with rich harmonies.

Leader Joo Young was previously the main vocalist of R&B group Guy. M while Hanna went by the name WhyMe and debuted as a solo artist in 2013. She participated with Bubble Sisters' Seo Sung Hee in her first single. On the other hand, Joo Young wrote the lyrics for the group’s debut song “Love With You” alongside fellow composer and lyricist Baek Min Hyuk who has written for "That Winter The Wind Blows" drama OST.

Although the group has just debuted, they show quite a promising future as they are already on radio shows and such. Let's hope for more music from this fresh rookie group.


Under the Radar RememberUs Joo Young

주영 (Joo Young)
Position: Leader, Vocal
Full name: 정주영 (Jung Joo Young)
Born: November 16, 1983
Physique: 176cm, 64kg
Education: Sehan University
Debut: 2010 as Guy.M member

Under the Radar RememberUs Hanna

한나 (Hanna)
Full name: 임한나 (Im Han Na)
Born: October 24, 1985
Physique: 163cm
Debut: 2013 under the name ‘WhyMe’

Under the Radar RememberUs Kang Min

강민 (Kang Min)
Full name: 이강민 (Lee Kang Min)
Born: February 15, 1986
Physique: 170cm, 60kg

Under the Radar RememberUs So Young

소영 (So Young)
Full name: 김소영 (Kim So Young)
Born: June 18, 1990
Physique: 163cm


Under the Radar RememberUs Album Cover

Remember Us (Single)
Released: 2013.12.06

01. Love With You
02. Love With You (Inst.)


Credits & Sources: Daum Remember Us Profile Page, Naver Profile Page,  vod Rememberus @ Youtube, Mardi09 (compilation)

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