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MBLAQ Poses for "Singles" and Wants to Make More Lyrical Music for Future Album

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MBLAQ has recently posed for a romantic photo shoot and shared their future plans and other thoughts during the interview for "Singles" magazine.

MBLAQ was featured in "Singles" magazine's 10-year anniversary in its February edition. The magazine reps commented, "The MBLAQ members put down their strong image of the past and put on a more truthful and natural light for the shoot."

In the various cuts, the MBLAQ members pose naturally with comfortable looking clothes, in a softer environment than their past tough and manly concepts.

During the interview, MBLAQ talked about their comeback and revealed, "We are in the middle of recording and each member is working on a self-composed and written song. We think it's going to end up being a mini-album and it'll be a more lyrical album compared to our past music."

They continued, "Because we are mainstream artists, we want to make music that the masses will love. There have been songs like that but we have received more love from our overseas fans. Now we want to do poetic music that fits more with the Korean traditions and culture."

Each MBLAQ member also gave updates on each of their current whereabouts and happenings. Seungho commented, "I relieve my stress by playing with gadgets or shopping. I like going to electronic stores and I'm also into tuning my gadgets." G.O commented, "I found an interest in mixed martial arts. It can help you build your basic strength as well as control your body and mind." Mir commented, "I am collecting figurines. I have around 500 so far."

MBLAQ's entire interview and photo shoot can be found in the "Singles" magazine February edition, which will be available starting on January 22.


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