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“Emergency Couple” Song Ji Hyo and Choi Jin Hyuk Fought the First Time They Met

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It seems like Song Ji Hyo and Choi Jin Hyuk will be fighting like cats and dogs from the start of their drama. On the press conference for the upcoming tvN drama, “Emergency Couple,” the two shared their thoughts on working together.

emergency man and woman

At the January 21 press conference of “Emergency Couple,” Choi Jin Hyuk opened up on his first impressions of his acting partner.

In regards to his first thoughts about Song Ji Hyo, the actor expressed, “Previously I’ve met her before on ‘Running Man.’ However, at the time we were in different teams so there wasn’t an opportunity to get to know her. This time around when we met again at the filming of the drama teaser, we were told that the concept was fighting while pulling each others’ hairs. So when we first met for the drama, we fought by grabbing each others’ hairs, which is how I think we became close. Song Ji Hyo has such an outgoing personality, and she takes care of me well, so I think that’s how we got close fast.”

Song Ji Hyo added, “Although there are a lot of fighting scenes between us in the teaser, there will also be scenes where we remember our sweet loving moments. Since the drama hasn’t been broadcasted, it seems to look that way, but it has a long of thrilling scenes.”

Tvn’s “Emergency Couple” follows a divorced couple who meet each other six years later as they begin working together at a hospital’s emergency room. An image that was recently released showed how the two actors were quickly sleeping during a break in between filming, conveying just how much energy was needed to film the fighting scenes. Thus, fans can expect a humorous battle between two ex-lovers who coincidentally find themselves in the same work space.

Choi Jin Hyuk’s and Song Ji Hyo’s drama, “Emergency Couple” will broadcast its first episode on January 24 at 8:40 PM (KST). Don’t forget to catch the first episode of these two amazing actors!

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