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Gary’s View on the Controversy of His Explicit Sexual Album and His Different Image On “Running Man”

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While Leessang’s Gary is dominating the music charts with his new solo album, the contrasting image the rapper portrays from his character on “Running Man” cannot be ignored.

In a recent interview with fashion magazine W Korea, the rapper opened up on his thoughts about receiving a rated R rating on his debut solo album. Furthermore, while his title track, “Shower Later” has stirred up controversy for its explicitly sexualized images, Gary continues to appear on SBS’ “Running Man” as the goofy jokester, who is after Song Ji Hyo’s heart.


Thus, in regards to the different images he portrays, Gary expressed, “The image in my debut track might be unrecognizable from my ‘Running Man’ image where I laugh naively. If you’re a fan of Leessang’s gentle lyrics, then you could argue that my new song is careless. However, I need to break that mold [of a goofy character] so that in the future I can go further in my career.”

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Gary’s deep thoughts exemplify how despite his popularity on the variety show, the Leessang rapper is an artist at heart. The recent W Korea photoshoot showed the rapper in a black jumper, posing with a charismatic expression.

We hope that Gary will continue to thrive in his music, as well as his beloved character on “Running Man.”

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