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[Poll] Girl's Day, Dal Shabet, AOA, and Rainbow Blaxx: Which Girl Group Wins the January Sexiness Battle?

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It has only been a few weeks into 2014 and we have already seen four different girl groups return with a sexy concept for their latest tracks.

In a span of 17 days, we have seen comebacks by Girl's Day, Dal Shabet, AOA and Rainbow Blaxx. Which song did you like the best?

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Even in hyping up their comebacks, each of the group's agencies slowly released revealing teaser pictures. If you haven't seen all of the music videos yet, check them out below.

Girl's Day started off the wave of sexiness with the release of "Something" from their mini album “Every Day Girl’s Day III – Something” on January 3. Their entire album was produced by Double Sidekick. Upon making their comeback, they won #1 on several music programs with "Something."  Also see: MV Teaser, Let's Dance, Dance Ver MV


Dal Shabet released B.B.B (Big Baby Baby) on January 8 and showed off their sexy and fierce side in an upbeat song. The track was produced by Shinsadong Tiger. Also see:  MV Teaser


AOA came back with "Miniskirt" on January 16. With that kind of title, you can easily expect the choreography to focus on their legs. While their dance teaser showed off their chair choreography, the drama teaser featured a member in the shower.


Rainbow Blaxx, the most recent release, came out on January 20 with their special album and music video. In teasing the song, they released very seductive "body scan" teasers (JaekyungHyunyoungSeung Ah and Woori) to reveal the members of this new sub unit. Title track “Cha Cha” is retro disco dance song composed by Yoon Sang and East4a. Also see:  19+Style film teaser, album audio preview, "Cha Cha" teaser.")


Be sure to vote in the poll above for your favorite sexy January song!

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