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[Exclusive] Rainbow Blaxx Flaunts the Sexy at Press Conference for Mini Showcase “Lee.Bahl.Show”

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Rainbow Blaxx, the sexy subunit of girl group Rainbow consisting of members Jaekyung, Hyunyoung, Seung Ah, and Woori, held its showcase at Olleh Square Dream Hall in Gwanghwamun, Seoul on January 20 just ahead of its mini-concert with fans.

The four members quickly appeared on stage with their black and white sexy office outfits after the hall lights were dimmed, and performed their title track “Cha Cha” off of special album “RB Blaxx” for the first time. The retro disco track is the result of respected composer Yoon Sang and East4A’s collaboration. The lyrics “I hate it. I like it” in particular conveys the thoughts and feelings of confident women. MC Yoo Byung Kwon lead the press conference afterwards.



MC: Please introduce yourself.
Rainbow Blaxx: Hi everyone, we’re Rainbow Blaxx.

MC: How do you feel?
Jaekyung: We previously had a fan meeting at Olleh Square before so we’re happy and also comfortable having our showcase here.

MC: What’s your concept?
Jaekyung: If Rainbow, like the name, has a vivid and bright image, Rainbow Blaxx, also like its name, contains a darker image.


MC: What are some hard points while preparing for the sub-unit?
Jaekyung: We didn’t really have a hard time during the preparations since we felt comfortable with senior Yoon Sang’s guidance. If we had to pick something that’s hard, it’s probably figuring out how to best express the song.

MC: You girls look lovely. Are there any body and diet tips?
Jaekyung: Why don’t we ask our Hyunyoung, who has a great body?
Hyunyoung: In order to look more sexy for this promotion, I exercised a lot. I focused more on the thighs, waist and stomach.

The girls went on to perform “One Word,” another track off of the same album before requesting questions from the reporters.



Q: A lot of girl groups are coming back with the sexy concept these days. What sets you apart?
Jaekyung: To be honest, and you might agree, we wondered how the title track could be sexy when we first heard it. But it becomes sexy with the whole package including the choreography. Our average age is higher than other girl groups [who are pursuing the sexy concept] so perhaps we can have a more execution of sexy.

Q: Rainbow Blaxx is a 180 degree turn from Rainbow Pixie. Did the concept give you girls any burden?
Woori: To be honest, Pixie was more burdensome. If the other three members better fit with the “Tell Me Tell Me” concept, I think that we better fit with a sexy concept. In fact, we convinced our agency to give us a really sexy concept promising them that we would work really hard.

Q: How did the company decide on the subunit? Didn’t the other members feel sad being left out?
Woori: We chose the ‘88 line unnis and Hyunyoung who can stand on her own being sexy.
Jaekyung: The other members weren’t sad. In fact, they are probably busier than us preparing for their individual activities like dramas and such. Also, we felt really comfortable during the filming. The male staff were very considerate. They left the filming area so we can film comfortably.


Q: Did the other three members say anything to you?
Jaekyung: They were very supportive. They monitored the whole process and gave their comments throughout like after listening to our tracks after recording it the first time, our music video, and so on.
Woori: They’re also supporting us on SNS as well.

Q: What are some requirements you’ve made for the music video?
Jaekyung: First of all, it has to be fun to see. Also, “mukbang” (먹방 is shortened from eating broadcast) is currently the trend, and we long eating. Previously, we would starve to film our music videos, but we’re glad that we could eat while filming.


Q: Which body part you confident in?
Seungah: I’m in charge of S-line.
Jaekyung: I probably have an intense sexy image. Maybe.. my hips?
Hyunyoung. I’m usually the cute one… cute-sexy? I’m confident in my waist and ankles.
Woori: I’m confident in my legs. I focused on working out my legs.

Q: If you can tell the public one thing, what would it be?
Jaekyung: We came out with the sexy concept, but the song is really good. Please show it and us a lot of love!



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