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B1A4 to Release Second Music Video If "Lonely" Hits Two Million Views

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On January 19, the idol group's agency posted on their Twitter, "When #Lonely music video hits two million views, we will reveal another music video for 'Lonely.'" The surprise message featured a link to B1A4's "Lonely" music video to encourage fans to raise the views, the quicker the better. As of January 20, the video has recorded a bit over 1.2 million views.

The news has rapidly spread through various SNS sites, gathering together the group's fans to increase the number of views on YouTube. As no hints on the nature of the upcoming music video have been given, it can be anything from a dance version to a whole new video with an exclusive story. 

B1A4 has made a successful comeback with their album "Who Am I," and is currently promoting their title track on music shows.

Help increase the views by checking out the video below!

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