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Actors Cha Seung Won, Lim Yae Jin, and Jang Hyun Sung Sign Exclusive Contract with YG Entertainment

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Looks like YG Entertainment is trying to beef up its actor roster. Actor Cha Seung Won, along with Lim Yae Jin and Jang Hyun Sung, recently signed an exclusive contract with YG Entertainment.

On January 20, YG Entertainment stated, “Cha Seung Won demonstrates impressive acting skills as well as have manly qualities. YG Entertainment decided that we will be able to have a synergy with our brand power combined with his acting abilities.”

Cha Seung Won has previous ties with YG Entertainment with his well-known projects “Iris” and “Best Love.” He worked alongisde Big Bang’s TOP in the film “71: Into the Fire” and acted with Yoo In Na in drama “Best Love.”

Actress Im Yae Jin is a well-respected actress who made her debut as a child star in 1976. She currently starrs in “Miss Korea,” but has participated in many well-known hits like “Goong,” “Queen Seonduk,” “Boys Before Flowers,” and “Full House.”

Actor Jang Hyun Sung also has a padded resume in both dramas, films, and theatre projects. Some of his better known projects include “New Heart,” “Five Fingers,” and “Big.”

YG Entertainment stated, “We’re recognized as a music label and management, but want to firmly establish ourselves as a global management through a stronger acting management along with collaborating with various companies.”

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