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JYJ's Kim Jae Joong Warns Fake Facebook Account User

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A netizen is pretending to be boy band JYJ's member Kim Jae Joong on Facebook. On January 17, Kim Jae Joong had left a warning for that netizen on his Twitter account. He left a picture with a brief, but firm message “I do not do Facebook, to the person who is pretending and joking around to be me. Now it is time to stop. If you do not get rid of this Facebook account, there will be consequences!” Kim Jae Joong has an angry expression in the photo. In the past, Kim Jae Joong’s SNS account was hacked, so he had refrained from using any form of SNS media. Recently, he has reopened his Twitter account and started to use it.

Netizens left comments such as, “There needs to be more serious consequences for hackers and people who pretend to be celebrities” and “Kim Jae Joong, please keep using Twitter.”

In the past and recently, there have been netizens who have opened Twitter, Facebook, or other SNS accounts pretending to be celebrities. Celebrities have exposed these users and have warned them to get rid of such accounts. Celebrities have been increasingly more strict about threatening to take legal actions for unwarranted activities. 

Kim Jae Joong

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