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[Recap] Love and Murder Strike Again in "Man from the Stars"

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We've reached the halfway point of "Man from the Stars" and the show continues to astound viewers. Episodes 9 and 10 focus largely on present day events, exploring the topics of love, money (or lack there of), and sinister plots. Song Yi must confront her growing feelings for Min Joon, while at the same time, Min Joon already worries about what consequences his future departure will have on Song Yi. Jae Kyung continues with his murderous plans, but Min Joon isn't content with letting Jae Kyung have his way. Be ready for some dramatic confrontations!

The Consequences of Kissing Song Yi

Min Joon Sick Heart Rate

Min Joon spends the first half of Episode 9 recovering from an extremely high fever. Turns out he’s not immune to human saliva, in fact, it makes him extremely sick. He may have initiated the kiss, but I have a feeling he'll be thinking twice before leaning in for another. Keep in mind that when sick, Min Joon's powers become close to nonexistent. He couldn't even close his door with telekinesis! We sure can't have Min Joon's powers be compromised while Jae Kyung continues his murderous rampage.

Song Yi Tries to Nurse Min Joon Back to Health

 Min Joon Sponge Bath

Try is the key word here. Min Joon tells her to go away, but Song Yi keeps stepping in, wanting to help. She calls up her friend to ask for advice on how to care for a sick person. According to the friend, the best method is to strip the person of clothes and give him a warm sponge bath. What?! Well, if you insist...

Min Joon Sick- Unhappy

The sponge bath may not have fully occurred, but it sure created an hilariously awkward situation.

Min Joon was not pleased. 

It’s Song Yi’s Turn to Fall in Love

Song Yi Waiting For Call

While Min Joon falling for Song Yi is old news, the love bug is finally catching up with Song Yi. Her 15 seconds of seduction completely backfired, or at least it was so good that even Song Yi herself was affected. Song Yi spends much of these episodes trying to deny her crush, using different tactics to deflect the reasoning behind her lovesick actions.

Song Yi Mortified

If watching dramas has taught me anything, it's that anxiously waiting by the phone is a sure sign of liking someone. Throw in making up elaborate excuses to see your crush, extreme jealously, and excessive day dreaming and you have the symptoms for full blown love!


 Thankfully for us viewers, Song Yi's desire builds and builds until she can’t do anything other than confess her feelings to Min Joon. In typical Song Yi fashion, she ends her declaration with a frantic "I'm going to kill you if you answer!". This love stuff is uncharted territory for our heroine. 

Song Yi's A Mess

Needless to say, she may have regrets about her bold move. 

Dramatic Showdowns Between Min Joon and Jae Kyung Showdown

The tension continues to build and Episodes 9 and 10 reveal big developments in regard to Jae Kyung's evil plans. Jae Kyung may be willing to stop at nothing to kill off Song Yi, but he's up against his first formidable foe. Luckily Min Joon is of a similar mindset when it comes to protecting Song Yi from danger at all costs. He's even willing and ready to risk his true identity in order to save her life. 

Here's a play-by-play of key events:

Jae Kyung Evil

1. Jae Kyung Continues to be Evil

I can't say it enough- this guy is a psychopath. 

Screen Shot 2014-01-16 at 10.58.30 PM

2. Jae Kyung Goes to Song Yi's Apartment, Ready to Kill 

Death Stare

3. Min Joon Greets Jae Kyung in the Hallway with a Death Stare

Lesson to be learned: You never want to be on the receiving end of one of these menacing glares. 

Jae Kyung Elevator

4. Elevator Confrontation #1- Jae Kyung Tells Min Joon He Knows He Has the USB

Jae Kyung Threaten

5. Jae Kyung: "I'm not someone a kid can fight against. Be thankful you are alive"

Ha! Min Joon certainly isn't a kid.  

Jae Kyung Elevator 2

7. Elevator Encounter #2- Bam! Min Joon Suddenly Appears on the 1st Floor 

Jae Kyung Surprised

8. Cue Jae Kyung's Surprise

Elevator #2 Min Joon

9. Min Joon Threatens Exposure if Jae Kyung Lays a Hand on Song Yi

Min Joons Threatens

10. Min Joon: "You can't ever kill me"

Evil Smile

Following this dramatic exchange, Jae Kyung tries to wrap his head around the impossible occurrence he witnessed. If anything, he's become more focused (obsessed) on eliminating Min Joon before he gets Song Yi.

Dramatic End to Episode 10 

Detective Dead

Jae Kyung strikes first by attacking Se Mi's brother, the detective. He's set it up so Min Joon will be framed for not only this death, but also for Yoo Ra's murder. 


Min Joon follows Jae Kyung to a deserted field, where Jae Kyung announces his plans to personally murder both Min Joon and Song Yi.


The poisonous tranquilizer is all set to kill, but Min Joon has other ideas.

Min Joon Gone

Min Joon suddenly disappears, leaving behind a very bewildered Jae Kyung.  

Can't Kill

Min Joon wins the round when he turns up behind Jae Kyung, whispering in his ear "What did I say? You. Can’t. Kill. Me.". 


Min Joon may have a handle on his situation, but Song Yi is currently in grave danger.

Jae Kyung's henchman is ready to strike!

Other Highlights Include:

Min Joon’s Powers Are Better Defined

Save Lawyer Jang

In the epilogue of Episode 9, Min Joon explains about his powers in more depth. It turns out that while he doesn’t even know the extent of his abilities, he does know that his powers directly correlate to his health. Under most conditions, he can teleport up to 300km (about 185 miles) and stop time for roughly one minute. He explains that when he met Lawyer Jang, he was almost unable to save his life because a coworker had spat in his coffee. Luckily, Min Joon had just enough strength to stop Lawyer Jang from falling to his death. Moral of the story, Min Joon needs to be very careful around human saliva!

Song Yi Finds A Bloody Piece of Headlight at Min Joon’s House

Song Yi Evidence

Song Yi may be rather oblivious, but her numbers aren't quite adding up when it comes to Min Joon. She's suspicious, but she still isn't sure what's going on. Min Joon continues to deny his involvement and keeps his powers on a tight leash. Any guesses as to how long it'll take until she finally figures it all out?

Min Joon's Tormented by Song Yi’s Desire for a Lasting Relationship

Min Joon Reflects About Love

When asked what her ideal type of guy is, Song Yi's instant response is a man who will always be at her side. Min Joon is all too aware that he can't fit this description, especially with his departure date looming ever closer. As much as he loves Song Yi, he constantly tries to pull back, hoping he can protect her from the inevitable loss. Min Joon is not above lashing out at Song Yi's insecurities about her family and career. It may be low, but keep in mind that these words are rooted in his overarching desire to protect Song Yi. Plus, he still buys her chicken and beer when he needs to apologize. 

Song Yi is Broke


Song Yi's failed acting career and numerous terminated contracts have finally caught up with her. She may be Chun Song Yi, but her status as a top star and the waterfall of money that came with this title are now things of the past. 


Not to worry, Song Yi is ever resourceful and decides that sacrifices will need to be made. Selling off her one of a kind handbags and shoes should be a great place to start, right? Keep in mind, her possessions are like her children. This is quite a difficult commitment for Song Yi! 

  Min Joon Plays Manager and Lawyer for Song Yi

Manager Do

In an effort to regain some of her lost funds, Song Yi enlists the help of Min Joon to confront her former agency about violations in her contract. Min Joon does a wonderfully smooth job defending Song Yi and in the process helps her maintain her confidence and poise. Without Min Joon, Song Yi confessed she would have been unable to hide her insecurities. 

Hee Kyung  Officially Rejects Se Mi

Hee Kyung Rejects 

Hee Kyung is fully aware of how painful it is to experience unrequited love, but he can't help but reject Se Mi's feelings. He says he wants to be friends, but his little jealous spurts around Se Mi's kissing partner in her drama make me suspect that a deeper love is brewing. 

Se Mi Revels Min Joon’s Past to Hee Kyung


Hee Kyung now knows, but Song Yi still remains in the dark about Min Joon's saving action from 12 years ago. Hee Kyung expectedly freaks out about Song Yi being so close to this mysterious man. It's only a matter of time until this little secret is known to all. 

 Hee Kyung Starts to Wonder About His Brother


Jae Kyung's evilness is slowly being noticed by Hee Kyung. Why is Jae Kyung suddenly so interested in Song Yi? Who was that woman on the phone claiming to not be crazy? Little seeds of doubt have been planted, but Hee Kyung still has no idea just how twisted his older brother is. 

Hilarious Moments Once Again Dominate the Story 

Song Yi Wants for Call

My Favorite Moments Include:

Song Yi Trapped in a Sleeping Bag

Song Yi Catapiller

Song Yi sure makes a cute giant caterpillar!

Even better, Min Joon refuses to help her get out. She made her bed, now she needs to literally sleep in it.

Song Yi Sells Her Bags Online Using Min Joon’s Number 


Not only does she sell her bags online, but she also drags Min Joon in as her contact person.

Her many selcas are priceless!

Song Yi Uses Min Joon's Joseon Era Insult on her Former CEO 

Song Yi Insult

The CEO may not have gotten the reference, but Min Joon sure did.

Min Joon Acts Protective Around Se Mi and Former Managers

Coffee Shop

The "give up jacket" and "hand on shoulder" moves are always classic, but I didn't expect them from Min Joon.  Let's not forget that Song Yi's not the only one experiencing symptoms of love. 

ET Reference


Another excellent nod to aliens. "Man from the Stars" never disappoints with its amusing references. 

Song Yi's Borderline Psychotic Jealousy

Crazy Song Yi

The Episode 10 epilogue brought another visit to the psychiatrist for Song Yi. Her pent up jealousy and love for Min Joon overflows into an epically crazy rant directed at her doctor. Looks like Song Yi will be getting some stronger meds! 

 In Conclusion


The more we learn about Min Joon and Song Yi, the more I appreciate their characterization. While both are flawed, viewers can't help but be drawn into their story lines, especially their budding romance. With 10 episodes remaining, I can't wait to see all that will be in store for these two. 

Min Joon Driving

I'm glad to see some real consequences from the whole mixing saliva problem, but I sure hope there will be a solution to Min Joon's sickness down the road. Even Song Yi admitted it was a good kiss, especially for being his first (real) one. There better be the chance for a repeat!

Song Yi

What are your predictions for the show? How will Jae Kyung react to knowing about Min Joon's powers? Do you think Song Yi and Min Joon will be safe? How much longer can Min Joon keep his secrets from Song Yi? 

Feel free to share your thoughts below!


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