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Gary Has No Plans to Edit His Work as SBS Bans Album

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LeeSSang's Gary, who recently released his first solo album "Mr. Gae," has no plans of editing his work to please the broadcast stations.

After attracting interest for his album by revealing strong and sexy teasers, the album finally hit the music stores on January 15. The tracks immediately swept domestic music charts, with the R-rated "Shower Later" topping the lists. However, due to the highly sexual content of the music video and the suggestive lyrics, the song has been deemed inappropriate by broadcast stations and will not air on TV or the radio. 

His agency LeeSSang Company shared their stance on the issue to eNEWS on January 16, "We agree that his way of expressing things is a bit rough at times," but added, "In order to differentiate his solo work from LeeSSang's work, we wanted to produce distinguishable songs. We did not consider the censorship critieria while working on them."

Broadcast station SBS revealed their disapproval of the album's content on January 16 by announcing, "As the lyrics contain suggestive expressions and swearing, the contents are harmful to the emotional development of teenagers. After discussing the matter, we reached the conclusion that the album is unsuitable for broadcast." In addition, the music videos for "Zotto Molla" and "Shower Later" were considered inappropriate to air on TV.

Despite being highly popular amongst the young audience, Gary's album has been met with mixed responses. The music video for "Shower Later" has been particularly controversial, as the steaming video and suggestive lyrics have crossed the line for many. Relationship columnist Kwak Jung Eun expressed her discontent with the promiscuous video on her Twitter, and many other SNS users have shared their opinion on the thought-provoking subject.  

A representative of Gary's agency explained, "The title is strong, and the music video is radical as well. Only these factors seem to be accentuated. If you listen to the lyrics carefully, they actually contain the loving feelings of a man towards a single woman," and continued, "We did not consider music show promotions that much. We focused on showcasing Gary's uniqueness and style of music while working. Please pay attention to the sincerity of the music."

What do you think of the controversial music video?

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