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Soo Ae Reveals Two Faces in Innocent White and Sexy Black for High Cut Magazine

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Actress Soo Ae was featured in the January 16 publication for High Cut, in a ‘white vs. black swan’ concept pictorial, beautifully showing the contrast between innocent white and sexy black.

In her ‘white swan’ cuts, she has extremely light, minimal makeup, and exudes a pure and innocent charm, with her sweet smile and signature elegance. On the other hand, her ‘black swan’ cuts show a completely different Soo Ae, with red lips, nails, and shiny damp hair, wearing a fitted dress that highlights her body line. She also wears a tuxedo jacket in one of the photos, revealing long beautiful legs.

Soo Ae’s ‘black and white’ photo shoot can be seen in the 118th issue of High Cut magazine. 

In the interview that followed the shoot, Soo Ae named “The Way Home” as a film that she really enjoyed in the latter half of 2013.

She said, “Jeon Do Yeon is an unrivaled presence, and watching the movie, I felt I learned a lot about moderation and self-control. I tried substituting myself into her movie role, wondering what it would have been like, and it just made me respect her even more.”

When asked if she has rules for what kind of dresses she picks out, Soo Ae said, “Rather than my own opinion, I consider the opinion and advice of experts and stylists. If I had to pick one aspect that I particularly concern myself with, I’d have to say that I try to choose pretty timeless dresses that look good even after some time has passed. Even with makeup, rather than bold colors, I prefer a simple and classic look.”

About her next work, she said that she’s wondering what her next piece will be, as well, and continued, “I had a lot of fun filming the movie ‘The Flu,’ and since then, I’ve really thought that I have to be able to enjoy the film in order for the viewers to feel that energy and enjoy the film, too. So, I don’t have any restrictions as to characters I’m willing to do, but I’m looking for something that I can have fun with.”

soo ae

soo ae

soo ae

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