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Jun Ji Hyun Makes One Adorable Caterpillar on "Man from the Stars"

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On the latest episode of “Man From the Stars,” Jun Ji Hyun and Kim Soo Hyun's characters begin to develop feelings for one another as they start to look out for each other’s welfare. 

In a scene that aired on January 15, actress Jun Ji Hyun brings out another endearing aspect of her character, Chun Song Yi when she gets trapped in a sleeping bag. 

This time it is Chun Song Yi’s job to take care of her bodyguard-manager-professor Do Min Joon, who has fallen ill after kissing Chun Song Yi. In an effort to bring his fever down, she opens the window. When Do Min Joon regains his energy and gets up to close it, he is taken aback to see Chun Song Yi beside him in a sleeping bag. 

“Oh, you woke up? I got worried so I thought I should stay beside you, but after I opened the window I was really cold,” she offers as an explanation for the sleeping bag.

“Everything’s fine, so you can leave now,” Do Min Joon tells her abruptly.

“The way you’re talking to the person who nursed you through the whole night is a bit much,” she shoots back. “Seeing as how your bad manners have returned, I guess you’re fine now.” 

However, Chun Song Yi discovers that the sleeping bag's zipper is broken and starts wriggling like a human-sized caterpillar to get out, much to the laughter of viewers. 


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