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Rain Was Impressed After Meeting Kim Woo Bin

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Korea’s representative singer Rain and hot icon Kim Woo Bin met for the first time at the Mnet MCountdown on January 9, where Rain held his special comeback performance. 

In a recent interview with eNEWS, Rain said, “I met Kim Woo Bin not too long ago, and I was really surprised. I usually don’t lose in terms of height anywhere I go, but he’s really tall.”

Kim Woo Bin, at a height of 188 cm (6’2”) is known for his model body, and as a host of a music program, he has unintentionally embarrassed several idols with his towering height. However, Rain was different. At 185 cm (6’1”) and 75 kg (165 lbs), he proudly stood next to Kim Woo Bin, making for a beautiful two-shot. 

Rain said, “Despite having met for the first time, he definitely left a lasting impression on me. I think he’s the tallest of anyone I’ve met in the entertainment business. I can see why his fans like him.”

Rain is currently promoting “30 Sexy” and “LA Song,” the title tracks for his new album, “Rain Effect,” and has taken first place at both “MCountdown” and KBS Music Bank.

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