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Gary Is Immersed in Love for "ZOTTO MOLLA" Music Video

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After giving a surge of excitement with his announcement of going solo and releasing several teaser images and clips, Gary of LeeSsang has finally unleashed his music video for his first solo title track, "ZOTTO MOLLA."

Shedding his funny image from the popular show "Running Man," Gary put on his sexy, serious and charismatic musician face that he was so admired for way before he was in the variety show.

"ZOTTO MOLLA" is a love song about being in love with a girl, who just doesn't know how much the guy is in love with her. In the music video, Gary is rapping and singing in a tube that is filling up with water. By the time the song ends, Gary is completely immersed in the water, which may symbolize how deep he has fallen and how he is drowning with love for the girl in the song.

Check out the video below!

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