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Dal Shabet’s Ga Eun Receiving Attention for Her Rapid-Fire Singing in “B.B.B”

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Dal Shabet’s Ga Eun shows off her rapid-fire singing skills in the group’s new song “B.B.B” (“Big Baby Baby”).

Dal Shabet released their new mini-album, “B.B.B,” on January 8, with the title song of the same name. They’ve already have held their comeback on various music programs, and Ga Eun’s been doing a fantastic job during her part of the song.

She has two parts in verses one and two which sound relatively similar in pattern, but have different lyrics. Apparently she’s managed fit as many words as possible into her part, spitting them out at a rate of 7 syllables per second, almost sounding like she’s rapping instead of singing.

According to Dal Shabet’s agency, “’B.B.B’ has a feminine, mature feeling, against a strong retro synthpop background. The song has a slow tempo, but Ga Eun’s fast part completes the song by making it more sophisticated and exciting.”

(Her part in the first verse is at 0:41 into the performance below. Second verse is at 1:44)

Check out the music video here!

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