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Kim Hyun Joong Is Rugged With Cut Abs in "Age of Feeling" Stills

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Stills were released on January 14 of a shirtless Kim Hyun Joong with steel abs on the set of “Age of Feeling,” just one day before the first broadcast.

In the photos, Kim Hyun Joong shows of his muscular body, a complete change in look from his previous ‘flower prince’ image to a wild, tough appearance, made even more so by the cuts and bruises on him, the actor looking like he just got out of a fight. 

On his body, Kim Hyun Joong said, “At first I tried to get that ‘sculpted’ look, but thinking about it, they didn’t have workout equipment like today or things like protein supplements in the 1930s. So I worked out on a diet of just meat and vegetables, like they might have done back then. So when people are watching, they might think, ‘his body isn’t even that great.’ I’d like it if people kept in mind that I worked out with the era of my character in mind.” 

He continued, “In ‘Age of Feeling,’ rather than a lot of wire action, we do a lot of violent fights where we just go at it. My number of bruises increases with every episode, but I think that will just help with the 1930s feel and the reality of the action scenes.”

The first episode of “Age of Feeling” will air on January 15, at 10pm (KST). Don’t miss it!

Check out the stills below!


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