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Yong Hwa and Jong Hyun Gives Special Messages to Fellow Members for CNBlue 4th Anniversary

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In celebration of CNBlue’s 4th anniversary, the band will be doing a series of relay video messages to one another, released via their official YouTube channel.

The first video released was lead vocalist Jung Yong Hwa’s message to lead guitarist Lee Jong Hyun.

“Hello Jong Hyun-ah. It’s a little bit strange doing a video message. A new year has begun, and this will be our fifth year after debuting. I think I’ve lived with you for about six to seven years, and I’m thankful for everything that you’ve done for me. Let’s work harder together in future to develop a better CNBlue. Actually I see you all the time, but anyway, thank you and let’s work hard! Fighting!”

The next video message is from Lee Jong Hyun and to the drummer Kang Min Hyuk. Jong Hyun says, "Min Hyuk, this is Jong Hyun. Thank you for being good to me for 2013. I don't worry about you if you keep working hard and doing what you want like you are doing now. Be healthy, this is your hyung's wish for you. Let's keep going for 2014 and keep showing awesome performances. Let's a CNBlue that receives a lot of love from many people. Happy New Years. I love you."

In a few hours, Min Hyuk's message to Lee Jung Shin will be revealed, and than after that Jung Shin's message to Yong Hwa. Come back to Soompi for those videos! 

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