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YG Lines Up Comebacks and Debuts for 2014

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Taeyang’s solo album, PSY, BIGBANG, rookie groups WINNER and Akdong Musician, 2NE1 and Lee Hi. With all these YG Entertainment artists getting ready to release new music,  Yang Hyun Suk is said to be in the midst of setting up the comeback and debut lineup for 2014.

Sunbaes first or rookies? Who will be the first to light the fuse for “YG’s explosive comeback”?

We originally heard that Taeyang’s solo would be the YG’s first project in the new year. Many fans are also anticipating PSY and BIGBANG, who are also said to be preparing for their comebacks as well.

We also have WINNER and Akdong Musician, two outstanding rookie groups who probably didn’t have an easy time on the debut schedule. WINNER won their title after the internal YG audition survival program “WIN,” in which Teams A and B were pit against each other in intense battles. They’ve already gained their own following, and currently have their own reality show “WINNER TV.” They’re in the middle of preparations for their album, and are expected to present their debut album at the end of February after the show ends. Sibling duo Akdong Musician won "K-Pop Star 2"  in May 2013 and already have several well-released singles under their belt. They have already chosen their debut track, and are said to be counting down to their official debut.

With all these active artists, YG is planning to do something unprecedented in the music industry and have 4-5 groups of artists active a period of two to three months. While the usual stars carry out their comeback activities, WINNER and Akdong Musician might debut as in between as YG’s trump cards.

BIGBANG’s Taeyang is supposed to be first on the comeback lineup, but nothing has been revealed just yet. He got a sensational response for his single “Ringa Linga” last year, and fans are definitely curious as to what they can expect from his next solo album.

Right after Taeyang comes BIGBANG. It’ll be the first time they’re coming back together as a group since 2012, after the solo activities of 2013. The group has concluded their Japan six dome tour, and will be returning to Seoul to perform on January 25 and 26. This means that they’re likely to comeback as a group soon, but we also have to take into consideration that T.O.P is currently filming for the movie “Tazza 2.”

Last year, YG said that BIGBANG would have their comeback right after Taeyang, but that might change depending on circumstances. If Taeyang chooses to move up his expansion into America, then BIGBANG’s comeback might be pushed back.

Meanwhile, PSY’s comeback has universal interest. PSY decided on his title song at the end of last year, and will be filming his music video in the middle of January. He’s definitely started the countdown towards his comeback, and while there’s no definitive outline for his album just yet, it’ll be out by early March. PSY is poised to release more of his own brand of giddy, blood-pumping music following hit songs “Gangnam Style” and “Gentleman.”

Then there is also 2NE1 and Lee Hi. There wasn't any specific news on Lee Hi, but 2NE1 announced their world tour last year, and released a new single “Missing You.” On their list of confirmed tour stops and dates is Seoul in March, then Hong Kong, Singapore, Taipei, Bangkok, Manila, Kanagawa and Hyogo in Japan.

Take all of this with a pinch of salt though, because YG is known for having a highly flexible schedule!


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