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Actress Ha Ji Won’s Perfect Transformation Into A Man

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In her recent photographs, actress Ha Ji Won has shown her ability to immerse into her character for her new drama through her transformation as a man. On January 10, Ha Ji Won has uploaded a photograph of herself on Instagram with a short description of it- “Perfect Transformation.” The revealed photograph is of Ha Ji Won wearing a traditional Korean hat and clothing. In her hand, she is intensely reading the drama script. Not only has Ha Ji Won dressed in traditional Korean outfit worn by males, but she has also disguised herself with a mustache and round-rimmed sunglasses. 

She also revealed additional photos of herself in the same outfit with the captions "Who am I?'" and "No one knows."

It seems these photos are from the time she was filming "The Huntresses" in which she plays a Joseon era bounty hunter

Netizens have left positive comments of her transformation “Even if she transformed into a man, she is still beautiful” and “Wow, she is very handsome and is great as transforming.”

Meanwhile, Ha Ji Won plays Ki Seung Nyang  in the currently airing MBC drama "Empress Ki," who is receiving love from two men, Wang Yoo and Ta Hwan. The two men are portrayed by two amazing actors: Actor Joo Jin Mo as Wang Yoo and actor Ji Chang Wook as Ta Hwan. “Empress Ki” airs every Monday and Tuesday. Her new movie “The Huntresses” will be in theaters on January 29.

ha ji won

ha ji won

ha ji won

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