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Beat Win Receives Support from Oh Ji Ho, Kwang Hee, and More for their Debut Showcase

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Earlier, we reported about a new male idol group’s debut. Beat Win released their music video for their new song, “She’s My Girl,” and it seems that the six member boy group received strong support from their senior celebrities.

On January 7, Beat Win held their debut showcase, displaying the group’s vocals, sharp dance moves, and overall teamwork. Notably, the main dance point for their new song is the ‘push and pull dance,’ which portrays how a guy and a girl could push and pull throughout a relationship.

beat win oh ji ho

Moreover, Beat Win received support from their company actors as well as their seniors in the music industry. On January 8, the group posted on their official Twitter, “We have concluded our showcase. Thank you to the best MC Kwang Hee, our director-like brother Oh Ji Ho, and Choi Jung Yoon for watching our performance. Thank you for the support~” The photos show the night’s MC ZE:A’s Kwang Hee, and same agency (Heavenly Star Contents) celebrity actor Oh Ji Ho and actress Choi Jung Yoon posing with the members.

beat win

Being the first group to debut in 2014, we can’t wait to see what more Beat Win has to offer. The new boy group was formed through the collaboration of Dragon Music and Heavenly Star Content. “She’s My Girl” portrays how a man’s love for a woman causes him to try and get her attention by being a gentleman.  

Beat Win debuted on January 8 with “She’s My Girl” on MBC Everyone’s “Show Champion.” Check out the boys’ debut performance below!

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