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Ailee: "I Hope to Promote Actively This Year Without Getting Hurt"

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Popular female singer Ailee has kicked off the year 2014 with a new song and active promotions.

She sat down with media outlet Donga on January 10 before heading to a music show, and shared her feelings on the recent song release, "I am happy start off the year by presenting my fans with a ballad song after a long time." Ailee is continuing her busy schedule despite the tiring year-end shows, and released "Singing Got Better" on January 6. 

"'Singing Got Better' is a timeless ballad track that I recorded over three years ago. It is a very precious song that I finished recording even before 'Heaven,'" the singer explained. The song has been written by Ailee's mentor Wheesung, and finally after mixing it 16 times, the track was revealed to the public. 

She shared the background story with a smile on her lips, "Every time I thought it is time to reveal it, I ended up choosing another title track and pushing back the release. And honestly, it would have been difficult for a rookie to debut with a song titled 'Singing Got Better.'"

For Ailee, year 2013 was a year of both success and worry. When asked what her plans for the upcoming year are, the beautiful singer revealed, "I often got injured whenever I made a comeback. This year I want to promote actively without getting hurt." Previously in July, the singer had injured her ankle right at the start of her "A’s Doll House" promotions.

Ailee is currently promoting her new song "Singing Got Better." How are you liking her new song?

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