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"Infinity Challenge's" Noh Hong Chul Goes on Date with Model Jang Yoon Ju

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Comedian Noh Hong Chul and beautiful model Jang Yoon Ju spend more time with each other on the most recent episode of the variety show "Infinity Challenge."

The two introduced themselves to each other on the previous episode, and their "marriage" began with a coffee date. Their first meeting included some skin ship which amazed the onlooking members of "Infinity challenge." More is expected of the "married couple" as they begin their new relationship. See what unfolds, as they live together and work out together. The couple will be cheered on by the onlooking hosts.

You can watch part two the blossoming relationship between Noh Hong Chul an Jang Yoon Ju on this week's episode. Below is a video of their hilarious first meeting.

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