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What do Girl's Day, Dal Shabet, and Rainbow Blaxx Think of Their Sexy Concepts?

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It sure isn’t the 90’s anymore where sexy meant stockings and bare stomachs, as the level of sexiness among girl groups has continued to increase with the start of 2014. With girl groups such as Girl’s Day, Dal Shabet, and Rainbow Black making their comebacks, it’s difficult not to notice the expanding limit of television appropriate sexy concepts. However, the major question is: how do the girl groups themselves think about the sexy concepts their agencies have decided on?

girl's day

On the January 8 episode of SBS’ “Midnight TV Entertainment,” the girl groups and their agencies both contributed their opinions. Girl’s Day, who made their extremely sexy comeback with their new song, “Somethingsaid, “There is a dance move where we brush our legs with a feather. Honestly, we like to hear, ‘Wow, they’re really sexy!’ We do it to try and be sexy.” Furthermore, Girl’s Day’s agency commented, “Since one year ago, we have been thinking about this concept. We didn’t want to hear that the girls were just sexy, so it was tough to try and create a choreography and outfit that would create a proper boundary between overly sexual and appropriate.”

rainbow blaxx 1

Recently, Rainbow released their unit group, Rainbow Black, with the concept of sexiness captured through hidden camera. Rainbow’s agency stated, “It’s the feeling of taking photos secretly. We wanted to make it sexier with a fantasy element, which is why we used Polaroid photos to take photos of the girls. Instead of actually revealing any skin, we wanted to create a realm of imagination.” On the broadcast of “Midnight TV Entertainment,” the broadcasted hidden camera photos for the upcoming comeback of Rainbow Black members seemed to focus more on the girls’ bodies than their faces.

dal shabet big baby

Moreover, Dal Shabet, who recently revealed their concept images of the members in a bathtub filled with water, expressed, “We are showing a mature and charismatic sexy. Since our outfits aren’t revealing, we focused a lot on our choreography to make it look sexy.” Member Subin also stated, “Even though you could think of our concept as risqué, we wanted to show our real sexiness.”

Girl's Day "Something" Concept

However, the issue with sexy concepts in K-Pop is that such concepts can cause over sexual controversies. In regards to such issues, Girl’s Day’s Minah said, “That is not our intention, and we hope that people wouldn’t look at it that way because our intention is to show a different form of art.” Dal Shabet’s Ah Young also expressed, “I think it’s reasonable for people to be worried. We believe that if we show our cool presence without being embarrassed, then we believe that many people will show their love towards us.”

Whatever the different opinions may be, it is clear that K-Pop is transforming in how sexiness is portrayed and received. What are your opinions on the sexy concepts girl groups are tackling in K-Pop today?

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