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"Man from the Stars" Shin Sung Rok's Smile Scares People Even Off Set

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Actor Shin Sung Rok is currently playing the sociopath Lee Jae Kyung on SBS’s “Man From the Stars.” On the outside, Lee Jae Kyung is from a  wealthy family, who always participates in community service, and is as sweet as can be to his younger brother Lee Hwi Kyung (Park Hae Jin). However, he is secretly a sociopath who will confine or even kill without hesitation for his own benefit.

Lee Jae Kyung the sociopath is a difficult character to play. But, with Shin Sung Rok’s detailed acting, from his chill smile to his calm, cold voice, the actor hits Lee Jae Kyung’s character on the spot. Despite not having a whole lot of screen time, he has built a grand presence on the show. But it seems there are difficulties that come with playing a villain, as well. 

According to an official at HB Entertainment in a phone call with NewsEn on January 9, “Shin Sung Rok has experienced various episodes in real life because of his character. When he is laughing because he sincerely is having a good time or thinks something is funny, people around him think ‘Jae Kyung is laughing,’ or ‘he’s scary.’ It seems people think of Shin Sung Rok as the same person as the Lee Jae Kyung character in the drama.”

Shin Sung Rok’s presence will fill the screen once again in the January 9 episode of “Man From the Stars,” as well, having kidnapped and attempted to kill Chun Song Yi (Jun Ji Hyun). Tune in to see what happens!

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