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EXO Members Plan Special Surprise for EXO’s Chinese Members

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K-Pop is crossing cultural borders and becoming a global sensation. Thus, K-Pop groups today not only consist of Korean members, but other nationalities. EXO portrays such case as out of the 12 members, four members are Chinese. The EXO members showed their teamwork and love for each other as they prepared a special surprise for their Chinese members.

On the January 9 episode of MBC Everyone’s “EXO’s Showtime,” the show focused on foreign members adapting to Korea and Korean culture. Among the 12 members of EXO, members Kris, Luhan, Lay, and Tao were asked about their thoughts and experiences adjusting in Korea. When asked if living in Korea was difficult, the Chinese members showed a more serious side than their usual joking nature, as the four members shared their own experiences living away from home.

In order to show their care and love, the rest of the EXO members prepared a special surprise for EXO’s Chinese members: a tour of certain spots in Seoul that the Chinese members were unable to visit.

EXO, a twelve member group that consists of EXO-K and EXO-M, has shown their rising popularity in the music scene. Despite their great accomplishments and awards, the most recent episode of “EXO’s Showtime” showed how the members are just as down-to-earth and caring apart from their great fame.

Check out the recent episode of “EXO’s Showtime” below!

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