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Park Shin Hye Explains Her Surprisingly "Voluminous" Figure in Recent Photos

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Recent pictures of actress Park Shin Hye at the Miu Miu Hong Kong flagship store opening on January 8 have been drawing a lot of attention throughout the day by showing her surprisingly "voluminous" figure.

It seems Park Shin Hye caught a whiff of the fuss when she posted on her personal Twitter account the message, "Ha...haha...I am hearing that I am glamorous thanks to shadows and hair....hehe I don't know if I should laugh or cry hehehe -_-;;;"

She posted another Twitter message, explaining that one of the photos making the rounds claiming to be from her Weibo account is actually not, saying, "That picture is not from my Weibo...There is no photo like that on my Weibo!!!"

park shin hye

Either way, fans have complimented this picture of Park Shin Hye, writing, "Her face is cute, and her body is good like an angel," "She's a real goddess," and "She's looking prettier everyday."

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