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Age Is Just a Number for Yoo Ah In and Kim Hee Ae in New JTBC Drama

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Love has no bounds, especially on a Korean romance drama. It has been announced that actor Yoo Ah In and actress Kim Hee Ae will act as lovers on the upcoming JTBC drama, “Secret Love Affair” (working title).

However, the most eye catching aspect of this drama is that the two lovers will play characters who are 20 years apart.  “Secret Love Affair” follows the forbidden love of a composed woman in her 40s and a youthful man in his 20s.

Yoo Ah In will play a piano genius Lee Sun Jae. Despite his great talent and youthful spirit, the 20-something-year-old pianist will fall in love with a 40-something-year-old Oh Hye Won, played by Kim Hee Ae. Contrasting from Lee Sun Jae, Oh Hye Won is a calm, polished beauty who works as the planning leader at Seo Han Arts Foundation. She is known for her polite and behaved personality, as well as her excellent organizational skills.

Despite being busy assisting her boss in hiding secret documents, and simply being an outstanding worker, Oh Hye Won finds herself falling deeply in love with a man 20 years younger. The unpredictable love affair between two secret lovers is one to anticipate.  

Most notably, Kim Hee Ae, who starred in tvN’s “Nunas over Flower,” will challenge a role that goes against her well known image as a calm and polished mother.

“Secret Love Affair” will start broadcasting in March on JTBC.

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