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Rumble Fish Releases Teaser for “Don’t Do That”

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Rumble Fish released first teaser for “Don’t Do That,” off her upcoming mini-album.

The 30-second video teaser was uploaded on LOEN Music’s YouTube channel on January 8.

While her last digital single “Don’t Be Like That” was an upbeat song featuring Rumble Fish’s powerful vocals, “Don’t Do That” sounds entirely different. The track sounds like a sad song, and Rumble Fish sings in a softer tone.

What’s special about the video is that only Rumble Fish’s bright red lips, smoky well-defined eyes, lightly colored eyebrows and a silver hairpiece are visible. One’s eyes are therefore inevitably drawn to her lips and eyes, and their movements.

Her agency had promised a complete transformation from her previous confident and powerful image, releasing a photo teaser with Rumble Fish sporting short platinum blonde hair, smoky make up and looking contemplative.

Rumble Fish was previously a rock band, but after they disbanded in 2010, lead singer Choi Jin Yi kept the band’s name when she went solo.

Rumble Fish’s “Don’t Do That” will be available on January 15.

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