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Yoon Kye Sang and Han Ji Hye Are Romantic Lovers in "Full Sun" Stills

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Gorgeous stills of Yoon Kye Sang and Han Ji Hye for “Full Sun” have been released.

The pair will be in upcoming KBS 2TV drama “Full Sun,” a tragic melodrama, premiering on February 10 after “Prime Minister and I” concludes its run.

These teaser pictures, which were released on January 7, look almost like they’re from a pictorial shoot. Yoon Kye Sang and Han Ji Hye wear sad expressions as they look at one another. It’s almost as if no one else exists in the world besides the two of them. Yoon Kye Sang looks lonely, while Han Ji Hye gives off an aura of purity. The stills are from a teaser that will be released on January 13.

“Full Sun” is a tragic melo about a man, Jung Sae Ro (Yoon Kye Sang), whose life gets turned upside down when he shoots someone while in Thailand. He later falls in love Han Young Won (Han Ji Hye), who has lost her fiancé.

A representative expressed that they’ve settled into their characters and are working hard on the drama. Meanwhile, “Full Sun” will be directed by PD Bae Kyung Soo, whose previous works include “Wild Romance” and “Women in the Sun,” while we have rookie writer Heo Seong Hye (“Drama Special – Hairshow,” “Drama Special – Cupid Factory” and “Dream High 2”) on board.

The drama also has a stellar supporting cast lined up. Kim Young Chul plays Han Tae Oh, the father to Han Ji Hye’s character; he appears as the perfectly attentive father, but hides his ambition within. Jeon Mi Sun plays Baek Nan Joo, wife to Han Tae Oh. She isn’t the real mother of Han Young Won, but still cares for her and shows her affection. But when it comes to her real son, Young Jun (Son Ho Joon), she’s willing to do anything for him. Jeon Mi Sun is expected to deliver her two-faced character well, so we can expect that she’ll be one to hate.

One of the key sets for the drama will be “Bell la Pierre,” the jewellery company that Han Ji Hye works at. Kim Sun Kyung plays Min Hyun Ah, the head of the jewellery brand. She overcame the company’s difficult times together with Young Won’s mom, when she was still living, and someone that will support Young Won.

Cho Jin Woong ("Tree With Deep Roots"), Kim Yuri ("Master's Sun") and Song Jong Ho ("Reply 1997") also co-star.

"Full Sun" Script Reading Session

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